How to Build a Training Booklet to Help New Hires for Your Business

Training new hires can be as exhausting and dull for you as it is for new hires. The average instructional videos and feel-good seminars are old-school and played out. Multiple studies have been done to show that most people learn better on the job with engaging training materials, like the kind you can make with booklet printing services.

booklet printing

Building a training book is a comprehensive process that takes patience and knowledge. You have to pour all of your business know-how into a small book to help new hires learn more about how they should work in your company. While the task might seem daunting in theory, creating the booklet could be fun!

Here are a few tips for building a training booklet for your business’s new hires.

Save Your History and Mission for the Back Pages

Yes, but be sure to put your motto and beliefs upfront. Every business should have a goal and something they stand for. No one is interested in your history from the get-go, so save that for the end of the booklet. Use the beginning to express your expectations and what you see the business accomplishing with the help of new hires.

Discuss the Technicalities of the New Hire’s Position

Your new hires should feel inspired by what they read, so ask yourself what would inspire you in that position. Discuss what you want for them and what you want for your business. Be honest and upfront. Potential new hires will appreciate the respect when you discuss the technicalities of their new positions.

Side note: Use this section to lay out what matters, like pay, benefits, and bonuses. That’s what’s most important to new employees, so make sure they feel taken care of.

New hires within your business are new opportunities for you to advance your company’s future while bringing onboard someone that believes in your business as much as you do. Think of these booklets as an investment into multiple futures.